Special Stock - 'Dynagraph' Car

The Dynagraph car was built as _A__ 69 by Grant in 1858.

It was fitted with Woods Hydraulic Brake in the 1880's then fitted with Westinghouse Brake in 1889.

In about 1890 the car went into departmental traffic.

In 1896 the car became the 'Dynagraph' car, correspondence 96/3929a. The Dynagraph car was an early form of dynamometer car for testing tractive effort of locomotives. It is presumed that the car was introduced with the influence of Smith, the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the time who went to great efforts to standardise rolling stock equipment and saw the introduction of larger steam locomotives for the period.

The 1904 Diagrams Book, page 181'04 shows the car. Mention is made of it in service as a 'Governors Car'. Perhaps this is the service it was used from about 1890. The records contain no reference.

The car was superceded by the large Dynamometer Car of 1932.

Correspondence in the mid 1940's shows that rail staff were keen to see the car kept for preservation. It was in storage at Newport Workshops at the time. Despite efforts of staff and a scrapping left to the decision of the Rail Commissioners as late as 1949, the car was scrapped in 1953.

There was a rumour that the car 'caught fire' while waiting a scrap decision.

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