Marion Steam Shovel

The first steam shovel was built/erected at Newport Workshops in 1907. In 1912, the government approved funding to buy a another steam shovel and a second unit built. Diagrams show two built, construction dates as '1907 - 1912'.

At 1907 one was in use at the Penshurst W&W ballast pit, Mt Ruse. The operator at the time was a steam engine driver unfit for driving duties, late of suburban trains. On several occassions to 1909, the steam shovel was dismantled and moved to another location. During the moves, the driver was returned to normal duties. In 1909 the shovel was erected at Armidale and the driver returned. The work at Armidale was the first stage in the track lowering between South Yarra and Toorak.

To this date is was presumed that the shovel was used for trackworks and cutting (Armidale, Camberwell, Glen Waverley line, etc ). Some information to hand shows that this work was also performed by the two steam shovels ( 1..Ruston, 2..Harmon ) run by the Construction Branch.

The Way and Works Branch operated three ballast quarries: Manor ( near Werribee), Mt Elephant ( Grampians line ), Mt Ruse ( Penshurst, near Hamilton ).

Where the second shovel worked it not known. Out of service dates is not known.


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   AW681 Marion Steam shovel, 1920s, [sMDN]
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   DE789 Steam shovel - detail: steady leg, jib turning mech, Mt Rouse, 1900s, [oPTC]
   AA056 Steam Shovel - Marion, [oMDN]
   DE816 Steam shovel - Marion, at work, ldd QR (H2107), Mt Rouse, 1900s, [oPTC]
   DE790 Steam shovel - side of shovel housing/side door, Mt Rouse, 1900s, [oPTC]
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