BA - Wooden Boxvan

During 1961/1962, the remaining _BB_ ( ex _TT_ ) boxvans were recoded to BA. The writer can only summise that the recoding was to split the steel and wood body types to avoid confusion in the BB group. The three BB types were wood, medium size steel and large steel vans.

The BA number group was 1 - 12. There was no van No.6 as the vehicle to be renumbered was scrapped before relettering.

The vans were scrapped between 1962 and 1965.

One underframe (BA 8) was used for the 'Fire Attack Wagon", _HD_ 230 whilst BA 3 became the underframe for _QD_ 1.

Three underframes were used to build _HR_ wagons for use as bogie transports. It is believed they were used for _Y__ loco bogie transport on the standard gauge when the construction of these locos was underway.

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   DO630 BA - yard underframe, yellow, ldd milling machine bed, s2, Spotswood Rec Depot, 29/1/1979, [oPJV]
   BP257 BA - Yard Truck, scrapping, brake gear, Newport Workshops, 15/4/1982, [oPJV]
   BQ255 BA - Yard underframe ldd W loco, Newport Workshops, 26/2/1982, [oPJV]
   BD333 BA - yard underframe, ldd W loco, Newport Workshops, c1981, [oPJV]
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