BH - Bogie Boxvan

This is a very elusive group. The sole reference to this class is a 1929 internal publication of the main rolling stock by number and basic type.

The two BH wagons mentioned were 7005 and 7372. The number group and dimensions given suggest the wagons were leased from South Australian Railways. On the SAR the wagons were classed 'M'.

From the data available it appears the Victorian Railways leased two bogie boxvans from the SAR to evaluate their use. At this time, about 1925, the Victorian Railways had purchased hopper, flat and louvre wagons but not a boxvan or louvre type.

The main railway records do not show a boxvan 'BH' class. This is typical of leased stock from other states. As the stock is not 'capital investment', the vehicles are only mentioned in traffic publications.

The writer presumes the wagons were returned to South Australia in the early 1930's.

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