Motor Cars / Rail Use

The motor vehicles on this page have been grouped together by the author. In the Registers they have been given separate pages.

Petrol Inspection Car

This was numbered '1', presumable Inspection Car 1. It was built by Baguley Cars Limited of England and placed into service on 1/2/1923.

The car was not traced at a Stocktake and was removed from Register 26/7/1936.

Gang Motor

This was built at Arden Street and placed into service on 10/12/1923. It was 8hp and carried five passengers.

In about 1950, the vehicle was returned to the Way & Works as a "Track Motor" and removed from the Rolling Stock Register.

Motor Car

It was delivered ex Lane Motors of Melbourne on 25/8/1925. It was assembled and given rail wheels and issued to traffic 21/9/1925.

About 1927 the car was used as "Mr Molomby's Inspection Car". It appears the car was allocated to Seymour.

The car was scrapped 16/7/1952.

Dodge Cars

There were seven Dodge cars in rail service. The cars were numbered 1 to 6, with car 7 listed "No 7 Repair".

The cars were built by the Dodge Company of Melbourne and assembled at Newport.

File c560m compiled by Peter J. Vincent, updated 22/3/2008