Rolling Stock Project Credits

A project of this nature requires the help of many.

Thanks to the Public Transport Corporation of Victoria for allowing distribution of photograph and diagram images, and for the co-operation of staff in assisting with information between 1973 and 1998.

Information and idea credits to Rob O'Regan, Mark Bau, Daryl Gregory, Phil Dunn, Des Jowett, Norm Bray, Graham Edwards, Phil Jeffrey, John Scott, Peter Medlin and David Bromage.

Thanks to all those others that have at some time provided input or suggestions between 1996 and 1998.

Special thanks to all photographers who contributed but have not been acknowledged to date. You all helped piece together the largest jigsaw puzzle ever done. Photographers and collections include:

If anybody recognises an uncredited photo of theirs please inform me. It is not intentional, sometimes speed and quantity preclude fine detail.

The photographic and data gathering effort for the scope of work would not have been possible without the employment position I found myself in as train crew for the Victorian Railways. It made it possible to gain access to many areas and talk to many people. I was also able to view many location within a given time frame. Much of my effort was done on paid time, so truly a case of "..your taxes at work...". The job became a platform for my my interest and this was utilised to the maximum.

Aat June 2004 I decided to expand the concept to cover all rolling stock changes since 1996. Some changes have been made with the of Rob O'Regan.

Research work has now stopped.


Compiled by Peter J. Vincent, updated 7/1/2013