UF - Bogie Louvre Van

Four _UB_ vans were recoded to _UF_ during 1961. They were placed on high speed cast bogies that were fitted with 'snubbers'; internal springing that damped bolster movement. The four vans were 15, 17, 53 and 55.

UF 15 was converted to and from a UB in Nov 1961. The same month reconversion appears to be a conversion error of some kind; too many vehicles converted, change in traffic use, etc.

In the late 1970's these UF vans were found in the early morning 'paper' trains that transferred metropolitan newspapers to regional centres.

The vans were scrapped during 1978/79. The body of UF 17 was at Moama until Feb 1996.

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   AR111 UF 17, [sPJV]
   AY001 UF 17 - body, Moama, 1/1992, [oNXB]
   CA941 UF 17 - body, Moama, NSW, 15/4/1979, [oPJV]
   BD014 UF 17 - s1, cast/snubbers, Newspaper traffic, Bendigo, 13/11/1976, [oRXO]
   AR112 UF 53, [sPJV]
   BD015 UF 53 - s1, package, News traffic, North Melbourne C&W, 17/10/1976, [oRXO]
   AR113 UF 55, [sPJV]
   AR114 UF 55 - 2, [sPJV]
   CN306 UF 55 - s1, roof view, Melb News Express lettering, North Melbourne, 1970s, [oBAU]
   CN305 UF 55 - s1e1, narrow doors/3 panel, Ararat, 1970s, [oBAU]
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