Special Stock - 'Ministerial 2'

This car was built in 1880 at the VR Workshops, Williamstown as _A__ 67. It was fitted with four wheels.

About 1885 it was fitted with Hydraulic brakes and by 1889 had been refitted with both Westinghouse Brake equipment and Vacuum Brake equipment. By 1890 it was fitted with Westinghouse equipment only.

In 1891 the vehicle was modified with a bogie fitted at one end.

It ran in service as a 'Ministerial Car' from 1892.

In June 1894, the car became known as 'Ministerial 2'.

For most traffic it was coupled to the other car fitted with a single bogie; 'Ministerial 1'. Apparently the cars were coupled in semi permanent fashion 'axle - bogie - axle - bogie', basically both platforms together.

In 1899, the two cars 'Ministerial 1' and 'Ministerial 2' were joined together and fitted onto a bogie underframe. The bogie car was known as 'Endinburgh'.

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