LL - Sheep & Merchandise Wagon

This class is most interesting. The vehicle description is that given in the 'Register'. The thought of the same vehicle carrying sheep and general goods boggles the mind. Whilst no references are available to mention the traffic or methods used, either the top deck was for goods and the lower deck for sheep or that the traffic was mainly general goods with occassional livestock use. Presumably the wagon was thoroughly washed after livestock use.

There were three wagons in the class.

LL 1 was built Oct 1886. It was altered to the '2nd' _L__ 7 sheep van in 1891 and scrapped in 1904.

LL 2 was built March 1889. It was altered to the '2nd' L 8 sheep van in 1891 and placed 'off Register' in 1907.

LL 3 was built in New South Wales in September 1889 and is noted as a 'Wilkinson Combination Truck'. Another unusual feature of the truck was that it was fitted with cast iron brake blocks; a rarity when most freight stock at the time was wooden blocked. The wagon was scrapped in 1891 but in 1896 the underframe was used to build the '2nd' _K__ 5 flat truck. This flat wagon was fitted with water tanks. It was placed 'off Register' in 1909. In 1910 it became K 112 'Crane Truck'. In 1911 the original K 112 was found running. The duplicate ex K 5 was renumbered back to K 5 and ran until scrapped in 1927. But not before being lost in 1923 and found again in 1925. Quite a merri-go-round.

Note: Outline shows vehicle after recoding to 'L'

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