VFTX - Log Traffic Flat Wagon

With altered traffic patterns, quite a number of VLEX louvre vans were stored during the mid-1990's. An aggressive marketing approach for sawn pine logs traffic by (then) Freight Victoria created a need for dedicated wagons. 44 surplus VLEX louvre vans were subsequently modified by the removal of the bodies and the fitting of stanchions and winches to the underframes. The sawn logs are sourced from various areas around the state and unloaded at the wharves of North Geelong. The VFTX's are numbered 1 to 44.

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   B5201 VFTX - ldd logs ex Bairnsdale, Stratford, [oDAH]
   BB079 VFTX 2B- empty, s1, Bendigo, 3/1991, [oNXB]
   BA297 VFTX 3K- s1, empty, Bendigo, 3/1991, [oNXB]
   BB080 VFTX 6Y- empty, Bendigo, 3/1991, [oNXB]
   BA287 VFTX 7A- empty, stored, Bendigo, 3/1991, [oNXB]
   BA267 VFTX 7A- s1, empty, Traralgon, 7/1989, [oNXB]
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